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The historic Second Baptist Church of Boulder is a diverse, dynamic, Christ-centered church where love is mandatory, kingdom disciples are made, Jesus is Lord and God is glorified. Join us as we do this thing called life and engage the world with the redemptive power of the gospel. Join us as we proclaim the good news of salvation from God through faith in Jesus Christ to all!

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God's divine plan to offer His free gift of salvation until Christ returns involves the strengthening and sustainability of His local churches. This involves giving. We add value to the lives of others through the sharing of our personal time, talent and financial resources.  Please know that we always need and appreciate your generosity. 

Current Series


Do you want to make a difference in this world? Most people do. The truth is that God desires to make a difference in this world by transforming people’s hearts and minds with His truth - His Word. And God sends believers out to proclaim His truths through the “prophetic” voice- the manner in which believers speak God’s truth, with authority, into the culture in which they live. More importantly, Christians are called to use the prophetic voice to bear witness to the radical truth of Jesus Christ: the gospel- a truth that is as vital, confrontational and hopeful today as it was over 2,000 years ago.

Whether you are young, old, rich, or poor, timid or bold- you have a prophetic voice. And God is calling you to “stand in the gap” and make your prophetic voice heard.

In this series we engage the biblical prophets to examine their traits, message and challenges. We do this with the expectation that we will be encouraged and empowered to use our prophetic voice to bring about positive transformation in the community, church, workplace and home.

Come join us as we learn the value and transforming power of the prophetic voice which God both expects His church to understand and utilize for His glory and redemptive purpose.


Our Youth Encounter Sessions (YES) are underway for 2019-20. We invite and encourage our youth (from ages 13-20) to participate in this rewarding worship and learning experience. In this current 'age of information,' we believe it is essential for our next wave of young Christian leaders to value, learn, and apply daily the wisdom that comes from God as revealed in Scripture.

Join us each 2nd and 4th Sunday at 11am in the Hansford Vann Fellowship Hall for this rewarding worship and learning experience! For questions, please contact DeAndre Taylor: deandretaylor3@gmail.com.

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Koinonia Young Adults

Join the Koinonia Young Adult (18-35) ministry as we fellowship with each other and explore living God's way in God's world. Check out our Facebook Group, linked to the SBC Facebook page.

For questions, contact Kala Bean at kala.bean8807@gmail.com.

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